So, long-short story in 2018 I bought a TV, awesome 43-inch 4k Samsung NU7400 TV. Even wrote a library for remote to use it and develop few apps for it. And the knowledge to help to me how to resolve this and this and this issue and a lot another posts about the issue 🤦‍♂️ - you can't to update TV because you can't enough a memory, but in the same time you can to delete any applications from TV - because.. Because Samsung is bad guys. That's why.

Anyway I created a few tools, and instruction what need to do to DELETE FOREVER (maybe) pre-installed and unused shit at all. And save your time.  

You can download it for


One more thing...

After all that manipulation all pre-install apps could be returned with a new update or just in time. I'll recommend install Pi-Hole where you can to do it, if you want to block all requests from your TV to Samsung servers. The app also will block all Samsung services you even can't to install new apps, and better to install all apps what you want to use before turn on Pi-Hole, after that just to delete all apps from TV and enjoy. Like a small bonus from Pi-Hole - that will block all Ads in your TV. But YouTube and other internet services will works fine.

I liked Samsung TV as hardware, but I don't like then you bought smart TV but receive smart billboard.